This was the cover I based my story on
About a month ago I mentioned that I was writing a short story for the Vision Forum Family Catalog contest. The instructions were to write the most compelling story which artfully tells the tale of the individuals depicted on the cover in the context of the theme "Women and Children First"

When I read about it, I was ecstatic, of course.

But I procrastinated, as is the nature of me.

So here I am, over a month later, three days before the deadline, and I am finally done.

In need of editing, yes (considering it's 52 words over the limit). But finished.

My story is titled 'Redeemed'. Here is an excerpt:
I tore my eyes away and stepped toward Murdoch.
“Were all the lifeboats full?”
He shrugged. “I don’t know, Captain. I was following your orders. Women and children first.”
I clenched my jaw. “And were the lifeboats full of women and children, Murdoch?”
He was silent.
I turned and left the wheelhouse.

Now, to edit . . .


  1. Oh, sounds interesting. Lots of OYANers are entering this year--I hope one of them wins. Vision Forum usually picks preachy and uninteresting ones...:(

  2. O_O Awesome. *scoots to edge of her seat* More?? Please? <=D

  3. Nairam: Thank you! Hopefully, when they say 'compelling', they mean they're looking for something more like a STORY this time, not like an essay.

    Haniya: Anything for you, my first official fan. Once the deadline has passed, I will post the whole story.