Even More Poems In December

Still, it hasn't snowed yet. That's a good sign I suppose. Maybe we'll have a mild winter, and January and February won't be quite as depressing.

Here's a poem I wrote a couple years ago, in the middle of the night. I love those moments. Yes, writing can be difficult sometimes, but, fortunately, we get those moments of sudden, inexplicable inspiration, too.

One more thing. Keep your eye out in the coming months - I'm planning to hold a contest after the holidays connected with poetry and imitation. The prizes will consist of full-color illustrations of your protagonist. So keep checking - contests will be coming soon! 

Hope in Shadow

Shick, Shack, watch your back,
The twisted dreams are turning black,
The drum of all the swirling shadows,
Come to meet us in the shallows,
                            When the world is quiet.

Trin, Trun, time to run,
The shadows come when there's no sun,
The shouting of all the wicked sins,
Cannot be heard over their din,
                            I cannot hide from it.

Bim Boom, in my room,
Hiding from the impending doom,
My sadness compels me to ask how,
My tears my only comfort now,
                            Darkness uninvited.

Hoop, Hope, prayers like soap,
Washing, tying, my dreams like rope,
They lift me from the treacherous ground,
They urge me on, I'm lost, I'm found,
                             I will turn and face it,
                             My weapon vanquish it,
                     With HOPE I can win.


  1. Sooo cool. ^_^ I love the rhythm...it's got a sort of urgency to it. :D I think the last verse is my favorite. B-)

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I had fun making up words to rhyme with real words for the opening line of each verse.