About Me

Miranda Lynn Hajduk is the author of one unpublished novel entitled Enslaved, as well as several short stories, and a large collection of poems. She lives in a one-square-mile town in northern New Jersey, and when she is not otherwise occupied sitting in front of the glaringly empty screen of her laptop, she can be found enjoying long walks, acting, singing, playing piano, reading long books, watching long movies, and drawing quick sketches of her characters.
Miranda is a poetically passionate perfectionist, and strives to bare her soul through her writing, though she often confuses herself in the process. She is a double major in English and Creative Writing at Seton Hall University, and once she graduates she hopes to teach high-school English and perhaps do some freelance writing on the side. Of course, as is the dream of every writer, she also is working towards seeing her collection of poems and the pages of her novel embraced by the hardcover binding of published-ness.

If Miranda were to describe herself in a list of 20 facts, she would do so in the following way:

I am a 19 year old Catholic homeschooled sophomore in college.
I am the oldest of (currently) 10 kids.
My best friend is my Mom.
I love jazz music. And orchestral music. And just music in general.
I can do a full split, but I'm not a dancer or a gymnast.
Musical theater is my passion (well, one of them. I'm passionate about a lot of things.)
I was, am now, and will forever be an avid fan of the Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket.
My favorite movie is Sherlock Holmes (the new one with Robert Downey Jr.). I could watch that movie 100 times and not get sick of it.
Anything having to do with England excites me.
I would love to travel.
Apparently, I have "guy" handwriting.
I can't decide if I'm a poet or a novelist.
Autumn weather, pumpkins, the smell of burning wood, blue sky, cinnamon sugar donuts, and apple cider, are forever a part of my life.
Cool fonts on Microsoft Word make me happy.
Taking pictures in the photo booths at the mall is one of my favorite things.
I go through random bouts of crazed artistry where I decide I love to draw and paint and I bang out five full-color pictures and then don't draw again for six months.
I compose music and cook Italian food.
I swoon at the sound of a tenor sax.
I've resolved that my house will have a big, old, red door with a heavy iron knocker.
George Winston's piano music is like an old friend to me.
I love Christ - and he helps me love myself.